Can the Chicago Bears actually make the playoffs? While it’s admittedly a longshot, the Bears have staved off elimination by winning two of their last three games and moving to 4-8.

With the help of PFN’s Free Playoff Predictor, let’s sort through Chicago’s playoff chances and what they can accomplish in Week 14 when facing the Detroit Lions.

Week 14 Update: Vikings’ win eliminated Bears from NFC North contention.

Bears (5-8) defeated Lions (9-4)

Vikings (7-6) defeated Raiders (5-8)

Ravens (10-3) defeated Rams (6-7)

Buccaneers (6-7) defeated Falcons (6-7)

Saints (6-7) defeated Panthers (1-12)

49ers (10-3) defeated Seahawks (6-7)

Cowboys (10-3) defeated Eagles (10-3)

What Are the Chicago Bears’ Playoff Chances Entering Week 14?

The Bears would need nearly everything to break their way over the rest of the season in order to land a playoff berth. If Chicago wins out, the Bears would barely finish above .500 at 9-8. Even then, they’d likely need help from other teams to sneak into the postseason.

It’s no surprise that ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) gives the Bears between a 1-2% chance of making the playoffs. A win over the Lions on Sunday would barely increase their chances.

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Let’s imagine Chicago manages to win out, beating Detroit, the Cleveland Browns, the Arizona Cardinals, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Green Bay Packers to close the season. Even an unlikely run to end the year would only leave Chicago as a coin flip to make the postseason.

Things might have been slightly more interesting for the Bears had they not blown a 12-point lead to the Lions in Week 11 and a 21-point margin against the Denver Broncos in Week 4. But Chicago doesn’t have a realistic shot at the playoffs now.

Can the Bears Be Eliminated From the Postseason This Week?

There is no scenario in which the Bears can be eliminated from playoff contention in Week 14. However, Chicago could be removed from NFC North contention this Sunday.

If the Bears lose to the Lions or the Minnesota Vikings defeat the Las Vegas Raiders, Chicago will no longer be able to win the division title.

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Of course, the Bears hardly have a viable path to the NFC North crown, even with a win against Detroit. FPI lists their division-winning chances at 0%, rounding down even though Chicago isn’t yet mathematically eliminated.

The Lions remain the heavy favorites to take the NFC North title; FPI puts their chances at 89.1%.

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