Per Paul Kuharsky of Paulkuharsky.com, Tennessee Titans legend Frank Wycheck has passed away at the age of 52-years-old. 

A statement from his family says Wycheck fell and hit his head in his Chattanooga, TN home on Saturday. He was found unresponsive that afternoon.

Wycheck is best remembered for his involvement in the Music City Miracle, which is the biggest moment in the history of the Titans franchise. Wycheck is the one who lateraled the ball back to Kevin Dyson, who then took the ball to the house for the game-winning score that knocked the Buffalo Bills out of the playoffs.

Wycheck was originally drafted by the then-Washington Redskins in the sixth round of the 1993 NFL Draft. He played there for two seasons before joining the then-Houston Oilers in 1995. The 11-year veteran made the move to Nashville and became a key staple on and off the field, finishing his career with 505 receptions for 5,126 yards and 28 touchdowns.

After his career, Wycheck became a color analyst for Titans radio broadcasts from 2005-2016 and he also was a host on The Wake Up Zone before health problems caused him to leave the industry.

He is survived by his two daughters and three grandchildren. 

You can check out Kuharsky's full article, here.

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